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Girl x Boy games belongs to one of the many categories of ren'ai games, which are basically romance games originated from Japan. The art of these games is in 'anime style' hence ren'ai games appeal to many anime and manga fans. Being a female protagonist surrounded by several bishounen in GxB games, the aim is to capture the heart of a particular bishounen.

The language of these games are always in Japanese. Some of them are also in Chinese and Korean but no English GxB games have been released so far. The aim of Shoujo reviews is to spread the love of GxB games and their related merchandise (including drama CDs, manga and anime) to the English communities.

This community welcomes discussions, reviews, downloads, fanfic, fanart, icons, layouts, items for sale, translations, websites, news and anything else related to GxB games. If you have any questions or complains feel free to e-mail the moderator of the community:

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